Leroy Campbell

This is the way.

Currently reading: The Key Muscles Of Yoga Your Guide To Functional Anatomy In Yoga by Ray Long 📚

I’ve started to work my way through Capital as I follow along with David Harvey’s lecture series. So far, I find it pertinent as I reflect upon the year.

I’m glad I participated in Microblogvember this year. Posting around the same time most nights helped to reinforce the habit. I had fun trying to incorporate each word into something I’d normally say.

I appreciate how Show Me the Numbers teaches you to communicate quantitative information. It shows how to transform pedestrian figures into simple, elegant tables and graphs.

Why doesn’t iPadOS have a built-in alpha mask feature for photo editing?

🤔 Today’s dilemma…Do I watch The Mandalorian before dinner or afterward?

Thanksgiving calls worked without a hitch today. I expect it will take a few more holidays for me to adjust to remote family gatherings, though.

Prepping for Thanksgiving. Hopefully video call quality will be good throughout the day tomorrow.

I’ve been sleeping better since limiting my provision of coffee to two cups a day. No surprise of course, but notable since I used to drink at least twice as much.

🧠 Today I learned named capture groups in JavaScript can be used as replacement targets in strings.

Been playing The Pathless over the past few days. The game world is larger than I expected…no hard border at the edge, but more of a reset if you go too far (only happened to me once).

Looking forward to WandaVision, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and Loki.

Friday…time to fade away from all my worries (at least for 39 minutes).

Gitpod and shiftscreen make web development possible on iPadOS…only lacking browser developer tools now.

We talk a lot about independence in America, but what about mutual dependence? Alfie Kohn’s No Contest is a good place to start.

Ever have one of those days where you lose your train of thought repeatedly?

I have a (admittedly random) bucket list idea: Recite the first 100 digits of tau from memory.

Haven’t used it much yet, but so far, macOS Big Sur is delightful.

🤔 In the mood for sci-fi. I still haven’t watched Prometheus…probably too spooky for me.

Guess what today is…

Despite working from home most of this year, I still wake up and wonder what to wear.

Say what you may, but I enjoy Apple Arcade so far.

I made a phone call a few weeks ago. My son looked troubled. He couldn’t understand why he heard talking but didn’t see anyone on screen…

…way to make me feel elderly, kid.

Microblogvember is proving that habits are less a force of will than setting the conditions for success.