Leroy Campbell

This countertop convection oven is the kitchen machine I use most.

Midday energy break: bacon, eggs, and cabbage.

Not exactly muddy, but interesting look at soil and roots during my wife’s repotting session.

A friend at work gave me this to inspire a bit of hope when I step outside.

Grain-free chips and homemade ranch dip to satisfy a craving for Cool Ranch Doritos.

Hover Soccer Ball is our best attempt at an indoor sport.

No pets. Only dinosaurs.

Terrarium adventures with the kids. My oldest already has nice layers and growth. My youngest is just getting started.

Work-from-home comfort with my zafu and zabuton.

Morning beverage: Single-origin coffee with heavy cream and ghee.

Time to start the photo challenge with a close up of my most important piece of equipment.

Waited a while to watch, but the making of The Mandalorian: Season 2 is nice.

Now that I’ve finished the debut of WandaVision, I feel like watching MCU Phase Three again.

Reading, reflecting. That sums up today and much of 2020 for me.

One unintentionally benefit of Microblogvember: I’m journaling more consistently. I find pen and paper the best tools for processing my thoughts.

This season of The Mandalorian was top-notch.

Apple Fitness+ is cool.

I’ve give Apple Fitness+ a try…just not tonight.

I’ve played a lot of Forager over the weekend. I’m not a fan of sandbox-style games, but this one has just enough RPG elements to draw me in.

Friday night? Check. Spatial audio? Check. The Child? I’m about to find out.

…yeah. Rest day.

One month in with the Backbone One. I expected to only use it occasionally on weekends, but I’ve been reaching for it almost daily.

Note to self: muscles need time to adjust to new demands.

Currently reading: The key poses of yoga by Long, Ray MD 📚

I usually go for tikka masala or korma, but tried saag tonight. It was good but more spicy than expected.