Leroy Campbell

Leroy Campbell

Notes on My Current Dev Setup

A few people have asked me about my new development setup:

A few weeks ago, I’d started to develop pain in my right wrist. This isn’t the first time it has happened on the job. Given my heavy use of spaces in macOS, I finally stressed my wrist too much with switching from keyboard to trackpad and back.

I spent some time researching which ergonomics changes I could make. I didn’t want an external monitor (I am not a fan). I also wanted something portable enough to carry to coffee shops.

I started with the M570 to reduce the strain from swiping on my trackpad. I added a hot corner to trigger Mission Control for switching spaces. Next, I added the Roost laptop stand. I think this is the biggest improvement because forward head posture is a health risk factor. Yet the most noticeable change is the Planck EZ. It’s a “40%” ortholinear mechanical keyboard, meaning the keys align vertically. It’s a strange choice, but it has one major advantage: less finger travel. typing.io has been great for teaching me to keep my fingers in place while programming.

Overall, I’m satisfied with the setup. I’m less efficient with keyboard shortcuts, but I don’t mind so much. I’d rather move my hand to the trackball ever so often than not be able to type at all.